Sunday, June 4, 2017

Image Inside Text Assignment

In this assignment you want to use photoshop CS5. First find an image you want to use. Next open it in photoshop and create a new layer. On that layer you want to type a word that is related to the picture. Place that over the image and arrange it how you like and edit it so that the image is inside the text. When done flatten image, save as jpeg and post to blog.

Create an Album Cover For a Band You Would be In Assignment

In this you basically do what it says. Find an image and place your band title on it. My band is "We Don't Care About Anything." It shows how Maxwell doesn't care about blinking in photos. And how John and me don't care about being in the picture.

IStopMotion Short Assignment


In my IStopMotion assignment I used a doll and a ball of clay in order to create this assignment. The doll is remembering a time when his best friend, Clay the Clay, died.

Surreal Human/Nature Portrait Assignment

In this assignment you first want to take a picture of yourself. Next find an image, I chose a waterfall. Then cut out your face and place it on the image you chose. And then do your best to blend the image into the picture. When done flatten image, save as jpeg, and post to blog.

Hockney-esque "Joiner" Assignment

In this assignment you want to cut out an image into squares. And then from there you want to arrange it in different ways that kind of looks similar to the original image.

Shape/Color Cartoon Character Assignment

In this assignment you want to make a cartoon character out of shapes. Only basic shapes like square, circle, etc. You must include a background when you do this. What I did was make my character on a park with a city behind him.

Character Name: Triangle Man
Character Personality: Is very nice and funny about everything but when circles are involved you goes psycho
Character's Birthplace and current location: Born on a piece of paper and is now in jail
Character's Favorite Things: Playing with sharp objects
Characters's Least favorite things: Circles
Character's occupation: Used to work at McDonald's but is now in jail

Stranger Photos

In this assignment you want to take a picture of 10 strangers. When taking a picture of them take a head shot. When done post all images to your blog.