Friday, October 28, 2016

Formal Informal Drawing Assignment

I chose to do a formal drawing. A formal drawing is a symetrical drawing. So what I had to do was first make background. Then pick out a lot of stencils. Next double the stencils I picked out (get two of one). Flip one set of the stencils. After that color the stencils. Finally save as jpeg and post to blog. This drawing was really fun to do because it was symetrical and it looked really cool when I was finished with it.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Street Art Assignment

In this assignment you had to make street art you see on walls, boxes, etc. First you need to find a wall background. Next you select stencils you want to use in the drawing. Then after that you color all the stencils in. After you do all that you want to make sure you have a story about your drawings because most street art has a story behind it. My story is draw whatever you like because your the drawer.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Rhythm Movement Assignment

This rhythm movement was really fun to do because you get to use art rage. How you do this project is first get a stencil that is already given to you, or download an image of a stencil you want to use. I chose to download an image. After you did that you want to color in your background. Next get your stencil out and place it on the page. Then you want to color your stencils in. When your down with all that you want to save it as a jpeg and post it to your blog.

Rothko Esque Painting Artrage Assignment

This Rothko Esque Painting ArtRage project was really fun to do because its something new to do instead of photoshop. What I did was first open the art rage application. Next I would use the paint tube and put three colors down. Then I would blend those colors to color the page. After that I would get three move colors and put it over my first three colors and blend those. I would then have to maintain how I put my colors because they should be in a rectangle or square formation. After I am done blending all the colors I would save my final project as a jpeg and post it to my blog. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Animal Name Assignment

In this project you had to find a celebrity with an animal name. I chose to do Snoop Dogg. First you had to find an image of the celeb. Then find an image of the animal you want to make the celebrity turn into. Next put the animal on the celebrity. Then get a frame and add it to the picture. After that you have to go a certain website to get a title to put on your picture. When your down with that  you put it on you picture. Finally flatten your image, save as jpeg, and then post it to your blog.

Scanned Felt Tip Drawing Assignment

The scanned felt tip drawing project was really fun to do. What I had to do was first get a piece of paper and drawing something, but not color it in. Next I had to scan my drawing and save it to my flash drive. Then I would take my flash drive pug it in the computer and take the image out of it and put it in to photoshop. After its in photoshop I would then color everything in. Finally I would save my final project as a jpeg and post it to my blog.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

9 Panel Comic Assingment

In this project what I had to do was do a lot of things. First make a background. Next make characters. Then add dialogue. Repeat 7 more times. Next after that was make a title. Finally put it all together in one whole piece. Then post it to my blog. This project was really fun to do because I got to make a comic and I really like comics and I just finished reading one.

Scene Assignment

During the process of doing the scene I had to do many things. For example what I had to do was go in the files, select a background. Next select characters. Then color those two things in. After that put the characters in the background. Finally flatten the image and save as a jpeg. Then post my final project on my blog. But while I was doing this my magic wand tool broke like right before I was almost done with the background. So what I had to do was use the magnetic lasso tool thing to trace what I wanted to color and that is how I had to finish the project. And I also had to do this for all my characters too.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Bird Assignment

This Bird Project was really fun to do. What I had to do was first find a bird coloring book image. Next I would find pictures of real feathers or pictures of realistic feathers. Then trace over the feathers over and over and place them on my bird image over and over. That process took so long because not only did I have to place the feathers its that I had to place them realistically. Finally after all those steps is that I place in a background. Overall I am really surprised how this turned out. It looks really good due to doing this the first time.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Kaleidoscope Assignment

This Kaleidoscope project was really fun to do. It was fun because you were able to choose such a good selection of different shades of colors. What I had to do this project was first find a kaleidoscope image. Then I would fill the image in will different colors and different shades. Finally I would flatten the image, save it as a jpeg, and the post it to my blog.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Dürer Assignment

This Durer project was really fun to do. Since this is kind of like the Gorey project I really liked it. And I really liked the Gorey project. But in order for me to do this project was firstling a picture of an animal. Then the I have to get rid of the background. Next I take the image into filter gallery. In filter gallery you have to make the image a graphic pen and adjust the image. Finally you have to pattern fill the image on boom, your done with the project. This project was really fun to do overall even though it was kind of like the Gorey.

Gorey J is for Josh Assignment

The process to do this Gorey project was really fun. For example in this project we didn't have to trace and color in anything. In this project you using this selection tool called the cookie cutter to do this project.The cookie cutter tool lets you drag in images. This project was really cool because you get to really learn some new things in photoshop. As before you only knew how to trace.